Leadership, Commitment,
Why Vote For Heis?
There are three major reasons I ask for your vote!

I've now served four years on the Forest Hills School Board, one as vice president and the last two as president. I have been Chairman of the Department of Surgery at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center for four years and served on the Board of Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers. I am skilled and experienced at taking diverse ideas, finding common threads, synthesizing solutions, then putting them into action. More importantly, when challenges arise, I apply an open-minded, level-headed approach.

I have deep roots in our District. My Dad, aunt, uncles, brothers, sister, cousins all received their education through Forest Hills School District. Now my children are doing the same. I have personally experienced the myriad of opportunity FHSD has to offer, from outstanding teaching and academics, to athletics, music, ELO, student council and student groups and will strive to provide and improve on these for our children.

Anderson Township and Newtown take pride in our schools and rightly so. I pledge to engage the community, seeking active input into decisions and maintaining excellent stewardship of its resources. Our community prospers as our district does and vice versa.  

We are at a critical juncture for our District. We need people with leadership experience to help guide our district through times of increased need and financial uncertainty. I have the skills, the ability and the determination to work through our current and future challenges and humbly ask for your vote.


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